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HorkzogBrewing Mockup2.jpg

Horkzog Brewing

Some people like to space out life milestones, say buy a house one year, get married another, and maybe throw a child into the mix a couple years later. The owners of Horkzog Brewing decided that one and done was the best approach to life and their brewery, moving from San Diego, CA to Madison, WI, buying a house, and having a child all within the span of a year. All these milestones called for a celebration, and let's be honest, some stress relief, hence the Movers Pale Ale, Homeowner Hefe, and Lil' Peanut Porter were born. We created this fresh new brand identity and packaging with the idea that it could evolve as they develop more beers and grow their offerings (alongside their new family). We wanted to keep the colors bright and fresh, an inviting treat on a sunny afternoon. 


Branding design / Creative direction / packaging design 

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