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Nestled between a river, mountains, and redwoods was an already beloved acupuncture studio that was ready to expand into other forms of wellness. Introducing Reiki, massage, Cacao, and other outlets into the practice meant the space needed a new name and a new brand - thus Nine Wellness was born. "Nine" has multiple meanings - there are nine gifts in the spirit world of wisdom. The nth degree refers to the highest level, nine openings in the body, and more. The client wanted to brand that spoke to the inclusive, natural, and community values of the new collective - all without using any cliche acupuncture imagery like brushstrokes or body silhouettes. The final result was inspired by natural flow, with an abstract 9 unraveling into a rose. The color palette was inspired by the beautiful nature surrounding the office and the website design was intended to reflect a sense of calm and balance. 


Nine Wellness

Branding design / Brand Strategy / website design

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