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Replenish Grocers

I love working on projects that align with my values, and one thing I'm passionate about is the environment. So when Erika Gliebe, the founder of Replenish Grocers, reached out to me to help her brand her low waste grocery store in San Francisco I knew we'd make a great team. An eco-conscious, woman-lead, small local business—what client partnership dreams are made of! 

Erika is an avid swimmer, biker, and runner. After swimming in an ocean filled with plastic she realized just how pervasive our pollution problem is,  so she set out to do something about it. Thus Replenish Grocers was born. Their goal is to bring plastic-free groceries to the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco and promote a low-waste lifestyle. 


Branding design / Creative direction / environmental graphics/ Mural Design 

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