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While I was working at Studio O+A, I was lucky to work on a beautiful San Francisco Headquarters for Slack. Slack wanted to transform a day at the office into a journey, celebrating the natural variance a wilderness trail has to offer similar to the spontaneity incurred through workflow and communication. Building form this, our concept centered around the Pacific Crest Trail, each floor of the 10 story building representing a different region of the trail - deserts, lakes, waterfalls, forests, volcanoes, glaciers, and mountain summits. We wanted the graphics to be representative of nature without being too overt or literal, hinting at the emotions derived from the scenery of each varied landscape.


O+A Interiors Team: Dan Kretchmer, Brianna Bernstein, Dani Canepa, Nikki Hall, Marbel Padilla, George Craigmyle, Amy Kwok, Millie Kwong, Primo Orpilla
Photography: Garrett Rowland & Amy Young (that's me!)

Environmental Graphics / Graphic Design / Art Direction / Photography / Sculptural Design / Concept Development

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